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Power up your devices with the XO L98 Wall Charger featuring dual ports (USB + Type-C) at XO UAE. This versatile wall charger provides convenient charging options for a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more. With its dual-port design, you can simultaneously charge multiple devices at optimal speeds. The USB and Type-C ports offer compatibility with various devices and ensure efficient power delivery. Upgrade your charging setup with the XO L98 Wall Charger and enjoy the convenience of fast and reliable charging for all your devices. Shop now and stay powered up at XO UAE!

XO L98 Wall Charger Dual Port(USB+Type-C)

XO L98 Wall Charger Dual Port(USB+Type C)

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35.00 AED 5% VAT Included
SKU: xo-l98-wall-charger-dual-portusbtype-c
Color White
plug type EU(Type C) , UK(Type G)
Cable Type-C , Lightning